Making Things for Your Life

Do what you love ... love what you do.  If you're creative, then challenge yourself to create.  It's like breath for your soul.  Do more of what makes your heart sing. 

If you are a Mom, you are modeling "grown-up life" for your children.  If you model creativity, then your kids will figure out how to entertain themselves and be creative too.  If you model "martyrdom" then they will believe they need to be martyrs too. 

Interested in Styling Your Home for Living?  Or is it time to Stage Your House for Selling?  Join us in Chicago for a hands-on class to learn these skills and save yourself both time & money.

Ready to start your own small business?  We have a class to help you do that too.

This life is fleeting ... don't wait for "later" to happen.  Choose this day to bring light & life to your space, your career, your heart.