Amazing What Can Be Accomplished

Last week I flew to Arizona to spend 7 days remodeling a "Park Model" which is essentially a single-wide trailer attached to an Arizona Room.  This was built in 1987, and had not been updated since.  The old carpet was original, as were the light fixtures, bathroom sink, and paneling. 

The first thing we did was remove the old carpet.  We chose a pergo-type darker floor, to be installed 4 days after the start of the project.  We now had a time clock ticking, to get every wall painted, all the ceiling tiles replaced (the birds had built several nests in the ceiling and left loads of residue), the blinds down, and the light fixtures out.  

We also needed to remove all the old furnishings that were just there to store extra stuff.  We were able to donate much, so that others could benefit, and we could lighten the load.  

We had booked a round-trip plane ticket, so we didn't have extra time for delays.  In about 7 days, the entire place was transformed:

  • New ceiling tiles
  • Every wall painted
  • Every window treatment updated with 2" faux wood blinds
  • Every light fixture updated
  • Bathroom sink changed
  • Bathroom mirror updated (and extra medicine cabinet removed)
  • All new bedding
  • New comfie sleeper sofa
  • Hallway space transformed to office, plus additional daybed area
  • New flooring throughout ... pergo-type dark floors plus bedroom with upgraded carpet pad
  • Two new area rugs to set the color tone for the updated look
  • Custom hand-painting of granite topped server from a consignment shop
  • Touched-up finish on kitchen cabinets to look new again
  • Updated accessories to carry the on-trend color theme throughout

It felt 30 years newer, and had the colors & style that the new owner loved.  It's amazing what can be accomplished when you have a plane to catch.