Re-Designing a Logo

Being a visually creative person, it's difficult for me to put into words what type of logo would best describe my business/service/me.  I'll know it when I see it ... but how can I let a graphic designer somewhere on this planet know where to start.

I designed a "contest" with a bit of information, and then let them start drawing so I could edit their lines and swirls.  I gave them some colors I like, and answered questions about the degree of feminine vs masculine, subtle vs obvious, young vs mature and so forth. 

In going through this process, I realized that it's often difficult to describe just what we're looking for, even in our homes.  It's much easier to answer a few basic questions, then have someone with an object, yet creative, eye put something together ... and that's just what I love to do in people's homes.  The re-styling of rooms comes much easier to me than logos.  I'm glad there's someone in Romania who enjoys working on logos because I love what she's designed for me.