Buying the Dream

I recently had the opportunity to stroll through Eataly in NYC.  Boy do they know how to "stage" their shop.  Just looking at the desserts counter made me think "I deserve that!" ... or maybe I'll buy the book and make it myself.  Fat chance (pun intended).

When we stage-to-sell houses, we do the same thing.  Create lovely rooms that make a buyer feel they deserve to live like this too.  In some cases they take lots of photos so they can do it themselves (fat chance).  Every home is different because each owner has a unique personality (that should be) reflected in the home. 

If it time for you to Stage Your House to Sell?  Join us for a 3-day hands-on class in the Chicago area to learn the tips & tricks of the trade.  You'll save both time & money as you get your house ready for market.

Too often people can't see for themselves the beauty of their spaces.  That's where a Professional Home Stager comes in ... enhances the lighting and accessories, and helps tell the story.  People love a good story ... almost as much as a good dessert.