I was feeling overwhelmed...

I didn't even know where to start.  I made the call.  I took the class.  With the things I learned in class, I've transformed my home and LOVE living here.  My family loves it too, especially my husband since we don't have to spend weekends re-painting.  Done is good!

Ever Wonder if you have what it takes to style Your own home?

Many women are afraid of making a decorating mistake they'll have to live with forever.   Most think they have to settle for the way things are, or spend a fortune. But some have found that taking this class clears away the clutter of 'decorating advice', and lets them get on with loving the home they're in.

Hands-on Experience in Class



Students gain experience working in REAL homes.  This student is working in a Chicago Condo belonging to a young client just starting out.  A new layout, along with new art & accessories were needed to help it feel like home.

 Updated arrangement, added a few things, and gave the young client a list to work on as her budget allows.  She said it finally felt like home!

Updated arrangement, added a few things, and gave the young client a list to work on as her budget allows.  She said it finally felt like home!

Styling OR Staging Classes

3-Day Class dates

Currently held in Chicago Area ... includes hands-on experience in real homes, plus additional resources, lunch, and materials.

  • Sept 17-19, 2018 ... Home Styling/Staging Class in Chicago (near Millennium Park) ... Home Styling class, meeting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am to 4pm.

You receive classroom training in Styling OR Staging, Color Basics, Tips & Techniques, and The 10-Step Styling/Staging Process that works in any home.  In the afternoons, you apply the principles with hands-on experience in real homes.  You get to see the homeowner's reaction, just like on HGTV.  You capture the transformation with your camera to study later.  Most importantly, you experience the reason behind all we do ... understanding the psychology of change helps with decision making.

NOTE:  Class size is limited for optimum hands-on learning!

How much is it costing you to NOT know the Styling/Staging Transformation Process? 

This class is less than the cost of a Big buying mistake ... most people don't need more stuff, but could use help with how to put together all the color and decor they like.  For just $1795 you can learn the Styling Transformation process and keep your house updated & on-trend.  Bring a friend or two and save even more. 

Are you waiting for another TV Show?

How long will you wait?  How important is personal feedback? Do you understand the change process? Do you know how lighting and color emotionally impact a room? This experience happens best LIVE.

Wish someone would Style Your Own Home?

Take the 3-Day Styling Class with a friend, and you can do each other's homes.  Learn together and work together to enjoy the process.  It's amazing what difference you can make.  You'll both save on the class fee when you register together!  For just $1750 each, when you register together, you'll both have the knowledge, experience and fun learning together!

Are you Ready to turn this into a Profession?

All in ...

Click here to learn more about the Professional Training Program... including 3 certifications to start your own business.

Style + stage Career

It's time to listen to your heart and do what you love. Join us for a LIVE, hands-on, triple-certification training program and make this your year for a new career.  Next class TBA in Chandler, AZ (near Phoenix). Build a business you love, and receive your FREE fully custom loaded iPad 128GB on the first day of class.