Here's just a small sampling of the Before & After photos from clients through the years.

Styling for Living

Moving into a new house can be overwhelming.


Homeowners didn't know how to use this sunroom. They thought the only answer was to buy all new furnishings.


This is their favorite room, using their own wonderful leather chairs. Their cats like to curl up with them here too.

Staging to Sell

When it's time to sell, we need to get the house ready for its "First Date".  We live in our homes much differently than we sell them.


The homeowners didn't use their living room. It had turned into a place to store their things as they were finding another home. It is the first room the perspective buyers see ... it needs to be the BEST first impression.


The living room has beautiful hardwood floors, and much space for entertaining. It now makes a glowing first impression.

House Flipper ... to Fabulous

It's not easy to know where to invest for the best r.o.i. when flipping a starter house.  We can help.


The Owner had rented this home, but was ready to sell. Unfortunately, it was tired and dated. It wasn't going to bring in buyers with this tired look.


The buyers walked in and fell-in-love. The house was under contract quickly. Time to find another house to flip.

Selling a house with too much stuff

Living in a house for many years causes us to acquire more than we need.  It's often difficult to know what to get rid of before a big move.  That's where a professional stager can help with the sorting and prioritizing, to make each room look its best.


This Guest Room had become the "I'll decide later" room of the house. Moving is emotional. It usually requires more help to wade through the decision process.


This lovely Guest Room is a perfect place to convince buyers to make an offer. Wouldn't want to let this house get away!

Chicago Downtown Condo Space Confusion


Downtown Chicago condo had confusing room shapes and sizes. Client didn’t know how to arrange her furnishings, and what to buy for her new place.


Using furnishings from her large suburban house, and a few new pieces that fit her city life, the homeowner felt “at home” in the sky in just two days after moving in.

New Baby overtaken your home?


This young family didn’t know how to arrange their home around all the baby’s play things.


Every family member wants to be in this space, enjoying reading, relaxing and watching TV. The baby is comfortable on the area rug too.

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Happy Clients


“Kristine Porter has redesigned rooms in my three story home for me many times and I have never been disappointed.    I am an entrepreneur and an artist and my current business is located in my home so how everything looks and how things are in balance is very important to me.  The first time I called Kris, she came in and I left the house.  When I got back a few hours later and saw the two completed rooms I did one of those "Oh My God!" yells and then almost cried - everything I had was put into perfect placing and pieces that were very important to me were placed in places of honor.  Kris seems to know these kinds of things instinctively, not only what looks good together in a special way, but always what means the most to the home
owner to emphasize what is special and what has unique meaning.  

She has helped incorporate my own art into the room designs and blended family heirlooms along with quirky resale finds to look fabulous.  I have referred her to my family and friends many times and they have had the same response that I did.  She is amazing.  A natural at it, I would say.  Honestly - no one is better.  And she cares about your budget too.  She will use everything you have that will fit and doesn't tell you to go out and buy new things.  Kris is coming out to my home again soon.  I can't wait to finish the last two rooms that are waiting for her amazing design touch.”

 -Susan Richards, Airbnb Super Host, Photographer & Writer from Woodstock, IL