We love kids ... they're not afraid to ask questions.


How long does it take to make a room look beautiful?

That depends on what you want done.  We start with an in-home custom consultation over a generous hour (60 to 90 minutes) to see what's working and what's not.  We give you ideas, colors, and a plan for change.  Where we go from there is determined by your wants & needs, and the time available for transformation. 

Each home is unique, but the process of transformation is similar.  During the consultation we'll discuss, a plan for the use of a room, selection of paint colors (if needed), flooring needs, furniture, art and accessories to keep or replace, all layering to make the space feel special.  We find most people have plenty to work with, put just need help arranging it properly to show off the best features. 

Or take a class and learn to do this yourself.  In the 3-Day Styling Class, you'll learn how to assess what's working, what's not, and dream a little for each room.  We'll teach you how to use what you have to tell your story.  When you need to add new things, we have tips & techniques you'll enjoy, and help make the decisions about what works best for you.

Can I do my house myself, with your ideas?

Absolutely you can.  We'll create a plan together as part of the in-home custom consultation , and I'll be available by email if you have any questions along the way.  

If you have friends & family who want to help you, I'm available at to "Lead The Team" at my hourly rate, so you can make dramatic changes quickly.  This is most often done by those staging their house to sell. 

Call to schedule for $150 in-home custom consultation at 847-815-6167.

Or if you want to learn to do it yourself, Click here to learn about our live, hands-on Styling or Staging Classes.

Do I have to buy all new furnishings?  From you?

NO!  Most people have things that they've inherited, purchased, made, or been gifted, and yet those things aren't displayed in the best way to make the home feel beautiful and well finished.  We teach you to spot items in one room that would look better in another place.  After 18+ years of doing this work, we can quickly spot what's missing (hint: usually a lamp or two) and give you the insight into how to put a room together.

Our purpose is NOT to encourage people to buy more, but to use what they have in a fresh, new, imaginative way.  We can provide resources for you to buy a few new things, but we don't make any money on your purchases.

If I'm selling my house, do I have to buy new furniture and accessories?

It's up to you -- do your furnishings make the house look older than it's true age?  Do you want some new things for your new place?  Or maybe you'll sell these furnishings to the new owner?  What is the potential buyer expecting to see.  In the 3-Day Staging Class you'll learn how to help almost any house get ready for The Market (think "dressed for its first date").

Click here to learn about our Staging Classes if you want to gain the knowledge to do this yourself ... saving time & money.

Will you teach me how to do this as a business too?

Absolutely!  I'm happy to guide others to build their own successful Home Styling and House Staging businesses.  It is a wonderful field, and the time is now to help people enjoy their homes or make top dollar selling.  We start with a 5-Day Professional Class, to give you both classroom learning (in the morning) and hands-on in REAL homes (in the afternoon). You’re able to apply what you’re learning, and ask all the questions you have. Gaining the insightful feedback has been a huge value for students.

We also offer The Professional PLUS program, which starts with the 5-Day class, and adds The PLUS of business foundation and coaching for 4 months. Many say, “I knew I could do this in my home, but lacked the confidence to charge others for my time & talent.” Save time getting your business up and running, turn your talent into your own small business.

I'm retiring soon.  Is this something I could do?

Yes!  I believe in being a "Life Long Learner" too.  This is certainly a creative endeavor that will keep your mind active.  Depending on your preferences, you might want to hire a younger helper or two to move the furniture, but with your ideas and insight you will be directing the creative changes. You can even bring your assistant to training with you for 50% discount on their tuition.

We'll talk in class about how to get good help, and how to instruct them.  It's never to late to start. 

How far do you travel to teach?

We currently teach in Phoenix, AZ (southern area called Ahwautukee).  We are happy to travel to fun locations when you gather a minimum of three participants for class, and help with the classroom & REAL training house logistics.  You will even get a 50% class discount.  Give us a call at 847-815-6167 to talk about requirements and possible dates.

Can we talk by phone?  I have more questions.

Yes.  I can talk much faster than I type.  Let's schedule a call so we can "meet" and I can answer you directly.  Give us a call at 847-815-6167.  Or complete our Contact Form with your name, number, and a good time to call you.