Ugly Sweater Cookies

Maybe these are Ugly Christmas Sweeters?  I love double-duty on decorating ... something sweet and a sweater too.  What's not to love.

When I decorate a home, I like it to serve a couple of purposes too.  First I want the things in the room to "spark joy" for the homeowners.  I want to see people's eyes light up with delight.  I want people to feel the excitement of "we get to live here!".

Secondly with a room re-style, I want the space to welcome them in.  I want it to flow, so that they're attracted to and long to use the space.  No more living in little museum houses, but rather in places that make your heart sing.

I had a friend drop by my house the other day, and see a room that I had recently re-styled.  She said, "I feel drawn to this space.  Is it okay if I drop by periodically when I'm feeling down so I can take a mini-vacation here."  I was honored!