Spark Joy

I love the principle presented by Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo in her new book. The short version is: discard everything that doesn’t “spark joy.” 

In your closet FULL of nothing to wear, pass them along.  How freeing is it to have space and simplicity.  Now that's something you alone can control.   At minimum, why keep anything you haven’t worn in the past year? 

Go around your house and get rid of all unnecessary papers. Papers are the worst—they rarely bring joy.  Some days I wish they'd self-destruct.

Don’t worry about containers or professional storage products.  Instead, focus on holding on to things you like while passing along everything else.  Delight in freeing up your extras for someone else to enjoy.

When I was in West Africa, I saw a little boy wearing a soccer jersey with the logo of the team in my suburb of Chicago.  Amazing how small this world really is.

This is a delightfully freeing strategy. Giving makes my heart sing.